How To Get Rid Of Pesky Weeds In Your Lawn Using A String Trimmer

How To Get Rid Of Pesky Weeds In Your Lawn Using A String Trimmer

Neglecting your lawn for even a few weeks will make it go out of control quickly. Dandelions, weeds, plants, and overgrown grass are some of the culprits of chaos in your lawn.

However, do not worry; you can restore order in your lawn quickly with a string trimmer.

Below are some secrets you can follow in order to get the best results from your string trimmer. They will help you with scarring, scalping, and shredding your lawn.


I. Check the weather

If the grass is wet or it is raining, do your trimming another day. It is a bad idea to operate your trimmer in wet weather for a number of reasons.

You can easily slide, slip, and fall if the grass is wet, causing injury to both you and your trimmer. Your trimmer will also not operate in full capacity and may lead to permanent damage.

Ensure the area is clear of any metal objects, wires, or other objects that may damage your string trimmer. The trimmer can throw objects up to 50 feet up in the air. Ensure you and your properties are safe by removing all this objects before you start your job.


II. Wear protective clothing

You have to protect your face and body because even the smallest piece such as a pebble or debris travelling at top speed may cause serious injury.

Ideally, you should use something that will offer full-face protection and not just your eyes. Do not wear sandals or shorts for obvious reasons.

String Trimmer

Wear heavy trousers preferably jeans as they offer some protection from the debris. Put on steel caps, safety shoes, and soles, as they will protect your feet against nails, metals, glass, and other dangerous stuff.

While trimming your lawn, angle the trimmer so that all cut material is thrown away from you.


III. Adjust the string trimmer to your height

Some of the string trimmers have shoulder harnesses that help support the weight of the trimmer. It also keeps it a distance that is safe from your body.

There are those trimmers that have adjustable handles. There is a manual in each model that helps you adjust it to your height.


IV. Choose the right speed

Set your trimmers speed just high enough to help you trim your lawn. You should not run it too fast, as the line will not last for long.

There will be a lot of noise and vibration that is not helpful. It produces all this noise but does not give out any benefit. For most of the lawn trimming jobs, you do not require full throttle.



V. Use the right trimmer line

Use a cutting line that the owner’s manual specify. A line that is too thin or too thick will not work correctly. You should never replace your wire or rope with a nylon trimmer line.

It will not work as required and will break easily. Breakage will raise risk of injury from the flying objects. For the best results, use the common round lines.

They are easy to load and they last longer. The star [five-sided] and square [four-side] do the best job when cutting through weeds and thick grass.

If you use a line that is not recommended on the user’s manual, you strain your engine and it will not give the required results.



VI. Cut in the right direction

Most heads of the string trimmers roll anti clockwise. You will get the best cut if you use your trimmer from right to left. Check your manual to know in which direction your trimmer head turns.

String Trimmer

VII. Trim the weeds in your lawn from top to bottom

If you are cutting weed or grass that is over 8 inches tall, use the short strokes to cut them from the top as you slowly go to the bottom. Do not cut the whole plant in one pass.


VIII. Clean up

After using your string trimmer, ensure that you store it safely. Rinse off the trimmer using a brush to remove all the debris, grass, and weed clippings off.

Clearly, trimming will put an end to a wonderful mowing job. Nonetheless, the flying debris and dirt that the string trimmer produces may turn the job of mowing into a dangerous one.

That is why you need to follow all the safety procedures and your lawn will look great in the shortest time.

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