How To Clean Electric Griddle – Step By Step Guide

How To Clean Electric Griddle – Step By Step Guide

Do you need to clean your electric griddle after first use? I know it is your first time and you do not know how to clean it.

Cleaning your electric griddle does not have to be something to stress about. It could really be a lot easier than it seems. You should just take a few important steps with little time and your Electric Griddle will look like new in an instant.

The home improvement and kitchen gadget expert Karl D. McGrath founder of write this article that will help you by taking the necessary steps to make sure you are safe while keeping your griddle clean, and to complete an effective action that you fiddle with for the next time you need to cook something delicious.


Why do you have to clean your electric griddle?

There are reasons why you should clean your electric griddle after cooking Here are two reasons with a touch of a clarification for each on why you should set aside the opportunity to figure out how to and clean your electric griddle.

How To Clean Electric Griddle

1.) Durability

Basic upkeep and cleaning can ensure your electric griddle will keep going for ages, not years. Have you heard individuals say their electric griddle had a place with their extraordinary granddad?

The electric griddle endured in light of the fact that it was dealt with. The owner did not likely leave it just likes after cooking. A straightforward cleaning, oiling and good storage of electric griddle can safeguard it for quite a while.


2. Safety and Reliability

After that delicious food that the electric griddle has managed to give, you have to offer a hand by cleaning and storing it safely. Why should, you do this?

Is just because leaving it with food particles can develop into the bacterial breeding ground thus endangering your life. On another hand cleaning after cooking makes it usable next time, you need to cook again.


What to keep in mind before you start the cleaning process


Electrical components

Remember your griddle is electric and have some electrical components. You must not wet the electrical components or get cleaning detergents on them. Never place your electric grill plate in the dishwasher.


Material to use

You do not grab anything and use it to clean your griddle. Use only plastic, wooden, nylon tools when scratching the surface of your grill
plate to remove food particles.

Metal objects will scratch and tear off the non-stick surface of your electric grill plate. Excess oil can be removed from the electric griddle with paper towels. After keeping these aspects in mind now move on to see how you can clean your electric griddle step by step.

Clean Electric Griddle

Step by step guide


1. Disconnect the griddle

The first step will be the most important because it is what will protect you when cleaning your griddle. Before you do anything, you have to remove the grill plate and let it cool down a bit.

That way, you do not shock yourself while you clean it. When it has cooled down, try to remove the drip pan and  place it in the sink .you will have to clean it independently. Otherwise, there might be a way to close an area that you may need to clean, or it may become messy again.


2. Wipe off the surface of the griddle

Next, wipe the cooled surface of the griddle with a paper towel to remove excess oil. You must continue to get new paper towels and continue working to the point where you can no longer see any oils sticking to the paper towel.

This will simply make the general job of cleaning the pan a considerably less demanding given the fact that you will have the ability to center on the visible food particles as opposed to cleaning them through layers of oil.

After you have discarded the paper towels, you can start with the rest of the cleaning process.


3. Now start by washing the grill plate

The next step is to wet a non-rough cloth and then squeeze most of the water out of it so that it is just damp. Then pour a few drops of detergent on the cloth to make it ready for scrubbing. Start by washing the surface of the grill plate.

If you find that, you have solved some of the food that sticks to the grill plate at this point, do not hesitate to add extra detergent to choose the food on the surface.

Electric Griddle

4. Scrub it to clean as it might be expected in the circumstances

Try to get all the food from the grill plate and scrub as much as you have to get it clean. If you have to, you can rest the grill plate for a few minutes with an answer of detergent and water in the regions that require more work.

That way, the fun bits of scrubbing become less tedious and you do not have to work so hard.


5. Wipe the grill plate again to remove the detergent

Once you have removed any food particles, rinse your cloth and then hose again, taking into account the final goal to wipe the pan and remove any detergent left over from the laundry.

This is an important part of the process as an extra cleaner can dry on the grill plate and then taste the next feast strangely. You must remove all detergent from the grill plate and leave it completely clean for next use.


6. Wipe the surface of the grill plate with a clean, damp cloth

Finally, get a clean, damp cloth and run it over the surface to get some scraps of detergent and allow it to air dry until you use it the next time.


When it comes to cleaning an electric griddle, it is important to do it step by step so you can make sure your griddle is clean and safe at the same time.

Each step is a critical part of the process to ensure that your grill plate is perfectly prepared for the next use; leaving no particles of old, food particle or soaps that give the next thing you cook a strange taste.

If necessary, you can give your grill a chance to sit some time with some extra dish washing detergent on the regions that have sticky food particles. This gives time for soap to dissolve the food and render the removal process simple.

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