Lookout The Overview of Electric Meat Grinders

Lookout The Overview of Electric Meat Grinders

HiBeen using electric meat grinders for some time now, at first I was primarily using it to make cat food… funny how I ended up using it to grind my vegetables most of the time.

There are many brands of electric meat grinders out there, from the household type of $90 or a restaurant time of $2000. The latter is almost always pointless unless you run a business.

Don’t get me started about quality; quality is a ridiculous kind of criteria when it comes to electric meat grinders.

Here comes the annoying part, they are all the same! Really!  Click Here To check the best meat grinder on the market right now.

Whether you buy a Weston Brand, Northern Tool, Villaware, these electric meat grinders are all the same.

Well, Villaware not too much I guess, but the  Weston and the STX ones are most likely the same. What is different though are the prices, and you gotta reconsider the cheaper one, which in this case, STX.

Power consumption difference amongst electric meat grinders could be a factor to look at, but comparing it through the paper just does not cut.

The actual wattage during the grinding process is what we all should be looking at, and if that’s stressful enough might as well forget it.

My brother grinds meat all the time, he could finish a 25 pound meat in under 2 hours. Surprisingly, electric meat grinders can do bones too, and did I mention vegetables?

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The small grinder chute is pan sometimes. Although some electric grinders have larger chute don’t get fooled by it because it is still useless.

Sure it’s wide in the opening, but it’s still significantly smaller at the actual entrance to the grinder. I suggest having the meat semi-frozen before putting it on the chute.

Electric meat grinders can be a hard chore to clean up too, especially during the first time because some stuff turns to black.

Not to mention some parts actually begin to rust for some time.

Let me get back to you about grinding meats or chickens with bones, to safe chop them up first beforehand.

Although I did try a turkey one time, weighted about 15 pounds, got heavy bones and stuff, and it went through well.

Still I advise to have a better preparation and manually chop and separate meats, chickens, turkeys, etc. before putting it all on the chute.

It’s just like chewing your food properly first before gulping it in to your stomach, if you fail to chew your food properly and consecutively your stomach will definitely hurt. The same goes to electric meat grinders.

Manual meat grinders are perfect if you are only grinding small amounts of meat, usually about a pound or two per minute.

They are also nice if you want to exercise your arms, shoulders and hands.

However, if you need to grind meat in greater quantities, an electric meat grinder would be more appropriate. The device would allow you to do the job faster with less effort.

Electric meat grinder reviews mention two particular advantages that an electric model has over the manual design: The first is that they can process meat faster with no energy input from you.

With a meat processing equipment, it would be possible to process more meat in a single sitting.

Those who deal with large amounts of meat have an idea of the expenses involved in getting a professional to do the job. They need to pay more money that puts a dent in their incomes.

Another big advantage of an electric meat grinder is that it can handle all types of meat as like meat slicers. There are meats that are too tough for manual grinders to handle.

The machine can also be adjusted for a particular texture, ranging from coarse to fine shredding. This is a feature that cannot be accomplished with manual grinders.

The advantages of an electric meat grinder greatly compensate for its initial expense. In addition, if you take good care of it, it will have fewer breakdowns and minimal maintenance cost.

There are various brands that are available on the market like the Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder, so it is easy to find the best one for your particular need.

If you want to have the best electric meat grinder for your needs, there are several product features that you need to consider. These include:



Electric grinders are typically rated from 150 to 1000 watts, the most common being 300 to 500 watts. Determine the amount of meat that you would be processing on a regular basis.

If you continuously process meat, a machine with higher wattage could be your best bet. A 750 to 1000 watts electric meat grindercan process around 6 to 8 pounds every minute.

A 300 watt model on the other hand can only grind around 2 to 3 pounds every minute.

To keep your meat grinder maintenance-free, feed the funnel or hopper small strips of meat only, which are around an inch thick.


Reverse switch

An electric meat grinder with a reverse switch is very handy since it can easily remove any jams that can occur while you are processing meat.

Plates and blades


The extrusion plates, as well as the chopping and cutting blades, must be constructed from steel.

This is important in maintaining the sharpness of the blades and for making your grinder last longer.


Number of plates

Determine the number of different extrusion plates that are in an electric meat grinder. A plate change will alter the coarseness or fineness of the grinded meat.


Sausage funnels

An electric meat grinder that has different funnels for sausage is also very practical, as it will allow you to make sausages of different sizes.

At the end of the day, when you go shopping for an electric meat grinder, try to choose the best one (Tada!, Yatze!, well obviously duh!) and make sure it’s significantly cheap (okay this is actually hard to find).

Well, it’s not that hard to find nowadays, there is the internet, there is this page!

I will suggest right now on what brand to pick, it’s the electric meat grinders from Northern Tool and Equipment that wins!

But don’t take my word for it, there are other good ones too such as Weston, STX, Waring Pro, Maverick… but let me give you a very overused tip, choose the cheapest one!

Really, all electric meat grinders are the same! Good luck!

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